There Is a New Home for My Daddy Blog

This blog is very young (and, for the past couple weeks, very neglected).

It also has a new home on the hosted site where I am gathering all my media properties and/or business ventures.

Rather than pay annually for a redirect on a blog as new and lightly populated with material as this one, how about I just tell you where to go instead?

ADDENDUM June 5, 2013: Also, as I will no longer be coming back to this old location to make updates, I’ve turned off all comments on this version of the blog. See ya at the new place!

About Deacon Blue

Self-employed in a form of writing far less lucrative that what Stephen King or John Grisham does. Live in the U.S. and simultaneously love it, fear it, admire it and am dissappointed by it. I'm a Christian but my politics are "progressive" (a term which has as much meaning as "alternative rock," of which I am also a fan). I also believe in a nice cold pint of ale or beer (or two or three pints), I play computer games in which I do things I would never do in real life, I think Pulp Fiction is one of the best films ever made, I support socialized healthcare and a place for the death penalty, I consider my wife an equal partner, I speak to my kids rather than hitting them, I believe in the power of science as much as I do the power of faith, I think society is terribly slanted toward the rich and against everyone else, I think the justice system messes with minorities, and I think that using instant replays in officiating professional sports is a damned fool thing to do.

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